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The Ligon family created Overdue Furnishings  out of our family’s love for new adventures and found treasures. Over the past four or five years we have enjoyed hunting for and restoring unique antique and vintage furniture. Some of our hunts have led us to interesting places where we’ve met many new friends and heard wonderful stories. Our two boys really seem to enjoy seeing the inside of the old barns and farm houses where we find a lot of our items. They are quick to point out new places they’d like to explore and are fascinated by the trinkets and treasures we’ve found. My husband and I love helping them research these things to find out what they were used for.

Furthermore, we find cleaning up an old dirty dusty piece of furniture found hidden in the corner of an attic or barn to be exciting. Sometimes you just never know what treasure lies under a pile of rubbish caked in dirt. Bringing out a piece’s natural beauty or refinishing an item so it can tell a new story is always a thrill for us. My husband enjoys his time spent with the boys as they build new items out of repurposed material. Furthermore, we like the idea that we are keeping things out of landfills as we’re bringing new life into our customer’s homes. We feel blessed to be able to share our treasured Overdue Furnishings with the customers of Chesterfield Antique Mall and hope that they find these items as fun and interesting as we do.

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